August 28, 2015

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Journey Number: 1
Sahara in Los Angeles, CA, USA at 10-14-2009
Today I sent stuffed animals to Iraq. Though they served a purpose in my life bringing joy to me over the years, I knew that it was time for them to make even a bigger m... [ more ]

Journey Number: 2
Edmay in Kirkuk, Iraq at 10-21-2009
Hi to all,
I am Edmay Mayers and am currently deployed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Kirkuk, Iraq.

I have completed a 22 month tour... [ more ]

Journey Number: 3
Edmay in Kirkuk, Iraq at 12-15-2009
Hi to all,
I have held onto Heart #768 long enough. We have received so many items for the Children of Iraq. There are so many wonderful people in this great worl... [ more ]

Journey Number: 4
Jan in Fredericksburg, VA, USA at 12-08-2010
First I feel I must apologize for keeping my 'Heart' for so long. All the way from Iraq, my Christmas was blessed with this gift of kindness from Edmay, reminding me of j... [ more ]

Journey Number: 5
Edmay in Kirkuk, Iraq at 12-08-2010
I am so thrilled to see that Jan has passed on this wonderful heart to help another. These hearts are such a blessing to all who receive and send them.

I mu... [ more ]

Journey Number: 6
Jessica in Ashburn, VA 20147, USA at 12-30-2010
I received this beautiful gift from a kindred spirit after my father passed away. Though a stranger, I reached out to her because the words on her blog resonated within m... [ more ]

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